Thursday, February 26, 2009


This frog spotted this sign at SMU! Have seen it many times before, and have always wanted to clicka. And that is what I did! While waiting for Nick to take a tinkle (eew, weird word!), I managed to finally snap this clickaclicka. My first name (Ollie, okay, Ollie, do I have to spell it out everything) is right there! Fame! Where's the fortune?

Cameras make that sound - clickaclicka.

Cameras make this frog very happy! Because, because of cameras, my beauty is on the internet for all the world to admire!


Alriiight! Off to a snackeroooo!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Out and about!

Lazy afternoon at home today, because Mel's not up for going out even though she wants to. I sigh. I am but a frog! So what is a frog to do! At least she lets me have the computer...

Anyway, this was from the night before Valentine's day! We spent a long, late night out! We had dinner at a Peranakan restaurant in Kallang. Peranakan! Like the Little Nonya, that little brainwasher of a drama serial.

Aaaanyway, we got to sign the guestbook before we left! I am pretty sure I had the honour of being the First Frog to leave his webbed-footprint on this place which is surely previously untreaded by others of my species. Nick said Who wants to sign the guestbook! and I said I DO! I DO! PICK ME! in the manner of a child who wants to lick the chocolate mix off the mixing ladle on Christmas morning. I really wanted to write something in the guestbook, after all, I have been practising my penmanship. And that is what I did. I wrote my full name: Ollie Kodok Frogobo, Singapore.

The historic moment! The pen is in this frog's hand!

Aaaand, we took to the streets later. It was wonderful.

Wanting very much to get out of the house

Monday, February 23, 2009

Gino! Where art thou!

Chloe just looked my way to tell me she'd heard a singing monkey!  Oh!  It must be Gino!  Who else would sing at this hour?  And what other monkey is there but Gino!  My favourite, cuddly Gino!

Oh Gino, do come out to play soon!

Playtime's over for tonight

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Edible Stuff: Small creatures

I was just about to tempt it into my awaiting mouth, but Mel swatted it!

Oh well, I am but a frog. I decided it would be better, anyway, for me to content myself with raisins. And that is what I did!

Happy and fed (again)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Everything's coming up roses! (and balloons)

This frog had a bad start to Valentine's. I mean, I tried to get a date, I really did! I was nice to everyone, but nobody seemed to catch my hint! Mel said yeah yeah I'll take you out but did she? DID SHE? No. That is what she did. She did nothing, she did.

So this is what I did.

I threw a tantrum, I did, and stayed in bed till she learnt her lesson to treat me good.

I stayed in bed and left her that letter. Yes, I did.

Stop taking photos! I ordered, but I am but a frog, and nobody pays me any attention.

BUT I MISJUDGED THESE HUMANS. I DID. And I was very sorry and quite embarrassed with myself, because they were being oh so kind to a frog on his first Valentine's day! I was pampered beyond words, because to start it all off, I was gently (yes, gently does it!) pried out of bed and carried to the kitchen where - to my utter surprise! - I was greeted by a whole lot of snackeroos! Even raisins! No sign of tim-tams, but that's okay.

This is me with just a teeny portion of my hoard!

Yesyesyes! Snackeroos to last a few weeks, at least! There were so many! But I got started on those first. And they even got me cake! Chocolate! Only I don't have photos, so I'll have to ask someone to upload those from the camera. Well, you can't blame me, it was chocolate! And after missing breakfast, I was quite famished. Aaaaaaand, they gave me a balloon! Rather, BALLOONS! In the shape of hearts! I was quite thrilled!

This was a great first Valentine's! I suppose sometimes it's best not to have a date, because everyone treats you nice when you throw a tantrum.

Very much loved

Thursday, February 12, 2009

More about Moles

You might have noticed that my new friend Syaz has a hugeass mole on her nose, and I think that that is cool, because I don't have any moles and would quite like one. They are like fashion statements. Marilyn Monroe had a famous one. A beauty mark, that's the nice word for moles. But moles are moles. Moles. Mole.

According to the Dictionary, there are many kinds of moles.

mole 2 |mōl| |moʊl| |məʊl|
a small, often slightly raised blemish on the skin made dark by a high concentration of melanin.
ORIGIN Old English māl [discolored spot,] of Germanic origin.

This is the kind of mole I am referring to. Anyway, according to Urban Dictionary, a mole is "a really sexy animal that lives underground". This is why I embarked on a Mission to find out More about Moles.

Well I assure you that moles do not appeal in any way whatsoever to this frog!


Yours in mole-titude

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Don't let the sun go down on me

Guess where this frog spent much of yesterday afternoon? After the passport office, we headed to City Hall and, much like homing pigeons, landed ourselves in the Esplanade. We don't go there often, but it's the first place that comes to mind when you're in the area.

We stared out the window (oh no, staring out the window is someone's favourite activity) and had the RENT soundtrack playing on loop.

And then someone put out the sun at noon. They put the blinds down, much to my angry (muted, because this is a library) protests! Oh no.

The view was non-existent through the blinds, and we couldn't sit there staring at blinds, could we!

It was very bad.

I will show you!

The photo doesn't do justice to the bad-ness of the situation! We could hardly see out of the screen! I had a good mind to run off and tell the lady at the counter to put those blinds back where they came from! And that is what I did... until Mel pulled me by the collar and set me in her backpack.

But it was a good trip, we went away from the window after that, and went downstairs to the Open Space.

And I made a friend.

And we had snackeroos!


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Speed! and Frog's Eye View III

Guess where! This frog hasn't been out roaming much, but Mel took me out this morning to get her passport done at the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority! I tried to take this photo of myself, and I knew that I would encounter Great Security, because it's a Protected Area, and I was speedy enough to get this blurry shot. The uniformed officer pointed at my photography device and said HEYHEY! DON'T TAKE PICTURES!

Anyway, I took a photo of the building from across the street!

You can make out the ICA initials riiiight there. Uhhuh!

And if you want to get your passport updated, or if you want to apply for one of those shiny new biometric passports, you should be heading your butt down to this MRT station:

I took a video of the clock in the MRT station, because it was beautiful when the minute hand crossed over to the next minute. I stared at it for a good three minutes! It clicks into place so nicely!

The video didn't capture so good, though, for I am but a frog, but I'll be watching clocks for a long time to come!

Aaaaand, this frog has seen some Sights recently.

Out the car window, when Big Al was giving Mel and me a ride out!

Gleefully yours

Monday, February 9, 2009

Edible things. Small.

Small edible things make this frog very happy!

Like so:

The above Edible Thing is called Hot-boy Ball Cake, or Want Want. It is Chinese, as you can see from the Mandarin characters (I think) on the packaging. They are small, much like raisins, only that raisins are shrivelled and unround. These are round. And they taste very good. I was an instant fan!

As we walked past the shelf with the little Ball Cakes on them, I waved at them and pinched Mel to stop and get them for me. They look like big, unshrivelled, white raisins! I said.

Oh alright, said Mel. She is wonderful.

I was happy and quiet the whole ride home from school because my grubby green fingers were way too busy pinching at the snackeroos to stop and fiddle with other things.

Happy and fed

Friday, February 6, 2009

A new friend!

Today I made a new friend!

I will show you!

We were hanging out in OurSpace@72, which is some lounge-y place that the school management wants us to think of as a cool-ass hangout spot. Not this frog, you don't! I'd very much like if they'd have a nice dip bowl of raisins and Tim Tams at every table. Now that would be downright wonderful, it would!

Her name is Shaz. Shazziewazzie. She likes me! I think she has very fun things on her computer. She showed me a music video of a song called Run, Clarissa, run! which is very funny. I like the dude, he is Sue. Even though he hoists me up in the air (which frightens me so!) and chants "DOWN WITH THE FROG!" every time he sees me. Hmm, maybe that's his way of saying he's happy to see me! Yes, that must be the situation.


A schooling frog, again!

A major part of schooling life, I have learned, is the food. Sometimes the food is good, but a lot of times the food is bad.

Anyway there is a new nutritionising place in Mel's school. They call it the Makan Place. Anyway I wanted to go see it, because it was new and shiny. So that is what I did. With Mel and Bryan (who still isn't much fond of me) and Melvin (who is nice, he carried me the other day when I fell).

So this is a photo of me, in the new eating place. I was sitting on the counter of Subway. Bryan was getting a lot of nutrition. He eats a lot, even for a human.

Fed and happy

Thursday, February 5, 2009

A lonely frog

Sometimes, a frog is led to question his existence.

I have been feeling sad. Mel has been up to a lot of things. Without me. I have been sulking around, hoping that she might catch sight of my small, withered-in-sadness, green body. Just last night, she was up crafting many things. I sat up with her the whole night! The whole night! Till morning came! And she didn't say a word to me, except to say Get your foot off my stuff, Frogobo. I suppose she meant well, because she was brandishing the sharp blade.

She didn't take me to school today, even. She was carrying lots of things, and didn't even say goodbye. She hasn't been letting me at her computer!

Yesterday, I sent her a very sad MMS in a feeble shout-out for attention. I will show you!

I mean, I would show you, but Mel hasn't let me at her phone either.

My great amphibian efforts were in vain. There was no reply. Ben stared at me with his beady eyes because I used his phone.

Maybe it is time for this frog to take his leave. Maybe there is a better place beyond this world.

Goodbye for now, cruel world.