Friday, February 6, 2009

A new friend!

Today I made a new friend!

I will show you!

We were hanging out in OurSpace@72, which is some lounge-y place that the school management wants us to think of as a cool-ass hangout spot. Not this frog, you don't! I'd very much like if they'd have a nice dip bowl of raisins and Tim Tams at every table. Now that would be downright wonderful, it would!

Her name is Shaz. Shazziewazzie. She likes me! I think she has very fun things on her computer. She showed me a music video of a song called Run, Clarissa, run! which is very funny. I like the dude, he is Sue. Even though he hoists me up in the air (which frightens me so!) and chants "DOWN WITH THE FROG!" every time he sees me. Hmm, maybe that's his way of saying he's happy to see me! Yes, that must be the situation.


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