Saturday, May 9, 2009


May Day! May Day! It's the month of May, and this frog has been up to no good, and many things else. It is a fantastic thrill to be a frog. Especially when one finds oneself in a tight spot, which this frog finds himself in many times too often!

(Case in point)

Anyway, today is the ninth of May, and it is Vesak day! The day proceeded as any normal day, until I witnessed this worrying conversation...

Mel (holding me while eating a sawich): "It's Vesak day!"
Yolly (being her mean self): "Yup, you've got to release it." (By 'it', Yolly meant me!)

This frog almost dropped his toy in horror! First of all, Yolly called me an 'it'! What happened to 'him'?! Yolly, you disappoint me sometimes. Secondly, why would the thought of releasing a lovable, huggable, green frog like moi ever cross ANYONE'S mind! Why!

"AIYAYA!" I exclaimed.

I demanded an explanation! But noone would give me it! Maybe because I'm a frog and I'm green and I stand at only 1/10 their height.

So I decided I would resort to looking for Other (more reliable) Sources. And that is what I did!

On Vesak day, "birds, insects and animals are released by the thousands in what is known as a 'symbolic act to liberation'; of giving freedom to those who are in captivity, imprisoned, or tortured against their will". (I ♥ you, Wikipedia.)

When I had been assured that I would not be 'released' or be 'given freedom', I made sure that everyone understood that I was not being kept here 'againt my will' and I really didn't want to be freed! And I went and sat on my bed in a very dignified manner, much like Ghandi. Ghandi is my man! I went and sat there for a good five minutes before I decided to end my hunger strike because noone was paying me any attention and my insides were getting rumbly and so I hopped off to the kitchen to get myself a peanutbuttersawich, just a little one, to quell the hunger. I checked to make sure noone was looking, because this frog still has his pride! But when I couldn't reach the kitchen door, Yolly was ever so kind to pick me up and make me a peanutbuttersawich. At first I was annoyed because I didn't want anyone to know I'd given up on my hunger strike so soon, but I couldn't resist that double-deck peanutbuttersawich, so up on the kitchen barstool I went, and announced that I would graciously forgive everybody, and called off the hunger strike.


As you all know, I am an educated frog, and I'd like to think I'm pretty smart! But there is much knowledge yet to attain, and of course I'm all for sharing bits of my great knowledge.

is the latest word in this loquacious frog's extensive vocabulary. (Yeah, I know 'loquacious' was just way too out-of-place there, but it's new also, so I couldn't help but use it!) Anyway aiyaya is an expression of confusion, frustration or anxiety, or listlessness, depending.

Ooh, Yolly's in the kitchen! Someone's got to be in the kitchen with Yolly, to test the food and all...

Duty calls!