Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Snackeroos! ... or not.

Big Al took home these Snackeroos yesterday! They look like little puffs of pure innocence, but LOOKS DECEIVE, I TELL YOU! Looks deceive! Take it from the green guy. I threw the box open and took a BIG whiff of everything! Because Yolly said they were "puffs" and "puffs" are normally very harmless and very pleasant little things (as I am).

And boy! Did those things stink up the room real quick! If you haven't already guessed, they're durian puffs.

durian |ˈdoŏrēən; -rēˌän|
1 an oval spiny tropical fruit containing a creamy pulp. Despite its fetid smell, it is highly esteemed for its flavor.

Really, now! I've caught wind of the pungence of this "oval spiny tropical fruit" once before, at a night market (a.k.a. pasar malam), but wow, these puffs take the stench to a whole new level of Strange!

Do you suppose the chefs wear noseclips?

Holding his nose,

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I like presents very much! I like them so much, I sometimes keep the wrapping and the ribbons and bows and the little notes that come with them! Anyway, Mel and me got a little present for Kims. Because there were bunnies on it, and she likes bunnies! We wrapped it up in brown paper nice and beautiful and set it on her table with a ribbon and everything! And I drew a bunny on it. Oh brown paper is delightful!

She was very happy and surprised! Even though I couldn't resist sending her an MMS with a sneaky peeky because I was excited!


Monday, March 9, 2009


We watched the ships that were docked in the port today, many people were scurrying around, loading stuff. It was perfect weather to be in the port! It had just rained so the smell of rain was still lingering, and the sun was up in the sky, but not too harsh. And actually any day is a Good Port Day, but still! It's my third time to the port with Mel and Big Al. You can see Big Al in the photo, if you look hard enough! Next to the ships, everyone looks tiny! If you look even harder, you can see many people lining the decks, under the lifeboats.

What a thrill! This morning, we went to the doctor's and the dentist, and at first I was afraid (I was petrified) but it was a beautiful clinic. They had big wooden doors and the most comfortable leather sofas. I set myself down very happily. You can never find a more beautiful clinic! I will take some clicka-clickas if I go there again!

Oh! It has been a long and good day, and all the excitement has made me hungryish, so this frog's off to get a snackeroo!



Thursday, March 5, 2009

Lights! Cameras! Action!

Wakacha! This frog is in a wonderful mood! It is late, it is raining, and there is noone awake but me and Ben, and Mel, somewhere. Anyway, she will be back for me soon, to pick me up and settle me in bed. Anyway, this is what I've been up to today!

(It's still today even though it is already night, because it is not yet past midnight.)

Because it is raining, everyone is snug and asleep. This is all unusually early of them!

Oh well, this frog writes alone!

So like I was saying, this is what I was up to today!

This is a copying device! Which makes copies of whatever you put into them. I wanted a copy of myself! And Mel said okay, but she forgot. And anyway, what would it be like to have a clone of yourself! Mel said it would be a flat clone, and a black-and-white clone at that too! I would quite like that, it would be like a second shadow! Only with more distinct features, right?

Anyway, the next time I see such a device, I will be sure to collect my copy.

Waiting (for Mel, where is she!)

Here it is! Here! Here!

Snerloozles! I say! I don't know, I just made that up. Anyway here is me in my clothed glory!

Yesiree! This is a happy frog.

Love to the world!

All dressed up!

Mel made me a vest today! A green-and-yellow vest! I would show you, but you will not be shown anything until Mel puts the photos up here. We are not home now, you see, and I am using someone else's computer, and it does not have bluetooth, I think. Or at least, I do not know how to find it.

Anyway! I was really happy to be out and about this morning! It is afternoon now, so Good Afternoon to you!

I said, with such a wonderful thing as a vest, I must take photos! Many of them! And that is what I did!

I sent an MMS to Yolly to tell her all about my getting fitted and dressed, but she sent me an SMS saying Want to be locked in the cupboard? which I think was a very mean SMS! And so I sent her another wonderful photograph, and a message saying NYEH! because, you know, she was probably jealous of my green beauty and my great green vest!

Dressed and happy (nyeh!)

Monday, March 2, 2009

What a treat!

Mel painted two t-shirts, one for her and one for Big Ben, last night. I watched! It's a picture of her and me! Me and her! Us! Look!

Ben's is coloured differently, but I like this one better!

I'm in my pyjamas (I have been in them since I put them on this morning) and I am all ready to be tucked into bed.

Goodnight world!

Oh! I was on Skype just now! This is my second time! I last Skyped with Munira, who loves me dearly. Today I met Mr Han Tan and his friend. And now we are friends on Facebook! I said, I'll get me more friends! and that is what I did!