Friday, February 6, 2009

A schooling frog, again!

A major part of schooling life, I have learned, is the food. Sometimes the food is good, but a lot of times the food is bad.

Anyway there is a new nutritionising place in Mel's school. They call it the Makan Place. Anyway I wanted to go see it, because it was new and shiny. So that is what I did. With Mel and Bryan (who still isn't much fond of me) and Melvin (who is nice, he carried me the other day when I fell).

So this is a photo of me, in the new eating place. I was sitting on the counter of Subway. Bryan was getting a lot of nutrition. He eats a lot, even for a human.

Fed and happy


  1. Hello Anti-Frog. I think you're demented.

  2. Dear Nicholas.

    Thank you. We at Anti-Frog WANT to be seen as demented when it comes to Kodok. After all, it is what we are towards him, and we don't expect you to show us the lurrve.

    Dementedly yours,
    The Anti-Frog

  3. Shall I compare thee to a bright summer's day?

    Thou art more of the mental kind, and in chess you are child's play.

    It seems that the green guy (Kodok, not your saviour Yoda)

    Is funding me to fight this battle, in gallons of soda.

    My friend, do you fly away now?

    At the risk of losing the Demented-Kodok fight?

    This would joy me, for I do not wish to see you in a plight.

    Inspired by William (Congrats on your annoying name.) Shakespear.