Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mad as a hatter... and then some more!

Oh... If you're only reading this frog's blog for the first time, and haven't got acquainted with the frog himself prior, please refrain from making snap judgements regarding my character, temperament, or general moral tendencies. I do expect I'll come across as rather moody, grumpy, and, overall, unpleasant. But oh let the frog have his way, if only just this once!

You'd be very cross too, if you were me!

So what is it that could possibly have got this normally-pleasant frog so hot under the collar?

COPYCATS, BRAAAIIINLESS COPYCATS, that's what! (To borrow a line from Robert Munsch)

Friday, January 1, 2010

The Frog is back in town!

Hey ho, my friends, if you've been itching to ask me out or something, for some funtime, you'd best get your act together and do it soon, I am a very busy frog, after all.

We got back latelate on the plane last night, after a month in Oz, and I was so tired I just cuddled up in the hoodie and fell fast asleep amidst all the fuss and bother.

Big Al and Yolsome are ever so glad to have me back, I know it! Alfie even pretended to knock his celebratory bottle of beer over just now at supper, so I could have a sneaky sip! :)

My folks are Awesome (and that's a capital A for ya!)

So here's to 2010!

Satisfied (and a little tipsy wheeeee)

(I think just a sip does it for my kind of creature, since we're smaller than people-sized people and all.)

I know everyone loves catching a glimpse of my great green glory (wheee alliteration), so here's picture of me trying on a bib and being all cutesome (hey, everyone thought so, okay) at the 24-hour Fairprice in Jurong Point! (Oh Jurong Point, it's been way toooo long since I was last carried through your doors! How glorious it is, to be back!)

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Blimey slime-y... TIME FLEW!


I've been lounging about on Mel's bag, and snackerooing on candy between naps. Mimi packed our bags last night, and I was using the computer, so I waited till FOUR in the morning before I got a proper nap.

A nice little lady on a pirate ship we visited told me to go procure a copy of Wind in the Willows, because I so remind her of this frog (or toad) or whatever in it, his name is Mr Toad. She said he was the Toad of Town Hall! Or something like that. In a vintage bookstore in Kiama, we got so veryvery close to finding a copy! An antique copy, no less! But they'd done some shifting around with their book closets and couldn't find it in time before we left ):

There was a used copy with wonderful illustrations, but it wasn't very old or very pretty, so we left it. (Yup, sometimes it's good to judge books by their covers!) Anyway, said Mimi, there were silverfish in those books. I didn't think so, but I didn't say anything because it was getting late and all that walking about on beaches and cliffs and mountain ranges and ... the great wild outdoors... had me veryvery tired indeed.

From the airport,
a happy frog.

P.S. Travelling makes me too happy i'm about to burst!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Crikey! 'S THAT A FROG?!

Dudes and dudettes!

Mates of all species and sizes!

HELLO FROM DOWN UNDER! We're in Canberra now, and that up there hiding behind my great green glory is my new friend acquaintance Lewis.

Naturally, noone can take their hands or eyes off me! We've done our fair bit of sight-seeing, and photos are in our handydandycamera (which is out of battery).

Have a good day!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

"What an Amazing Frog!"

I've read a storybook where the Big Sis tells the Lil' Sis, "Now you'll be forever special, because you've been waved at by a King!"

This frog is glad to announce, my green and grubby friends, that I'm forever special now, because I've been looked at by a wonderful man who's scared the pants off Many People (and how many of you can really claim to have achieved so much in Life!).

Neil Gaiman laid eyes on my Great Green Beauty TWICE in the span of two days. So anyway, I gave him Wilma, my favourite little ducky friend, today.

She ain't food, but she sure is good!

I'm sure she'll be happy with him, we've read so many of his short stories before bedtime.

(Neil (extreme left), Wilma (little yellow duck), ME GLORIOUS ME, and Mel)

Wilma was thrilled, but a little afraid. Last minute nerves struck when we were nearing Neil Gaiman. I told her that he couldn't possibly be as frightening a man as she thought he was! He is a Dad, after all.

"A DAD WHO LET HIS GIRLFRIEND SELL HIS DAUGHTER FOR GOATS," Wilma squeaked. Yes, she is a Squeaky Duck.

Of course, she didn't grumble much, and was quite happy to see him up close. I nudged her across the table.

We took one last picture together, me and Wilma, and she'll probably be given another name, maybe a cooler one. But anyway, this be Wilma, who's gonna be on her way to Where-ever in a matter of hours!

(Me and Wilma)

We got Fragile Things signed! It's me and Mel's favourite, because Tori Amos made an album titled Strange Little Girls, and the text Neil wrote to accompany it is included in Fragile Things. And we love Tori Amos. And we love Neil.

Understandably, I am a Very Happy Frog, and I will not be washing this jumper anytime soon!

:) :) :) Smilingly,

P.S. By the way, Mr Gaiman called me an Amazing Frog, and I'm jolly happy with that!

This frog met Neil Gaiman at the Singapore Writers' Festival, 1 November 2009. There was a painfully long queue for book signings, and painfully hot weather, but I was brave!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


This frog is glad to report! That after flight delays, Mel and me are Finally Grounded! ;)

Of course, not 'grounded' in the "YOU'RE GROUNDED YOUNG FROG!" sense of the word... we mean, we've got our feet on solid ground!

Aaaaand... the mandatory before-we-left photo!

In the afternoon, we lugged our luggage (haha lugged luggage) to school just to pick up some stuff! It was funny - whoever sees a luggage being lugged around school!! I was stuck in the trunk though... And I tried my best not to kick up a fuss, but I got ever so hungry roundabout 6pm... So Mel let me out! We had something to munch before leaving!

Yesyesyes, this frog's going places, my friends!

Love from a New Land,
Ollie Kodok Frogobo

Thursday, October 1, 2009

A hop, skip, and a jump...

A hop, skip, and a jump, and a year's gone by!

Oh World, how I love thee!

The surprises started springing on Monday, when Yolly had cakes and candles JUST FOR US in the kitchen for Mel and me when she got home! Mel was ever so surprised! I was tinkering about in the den all day, but I'd heard some sounds from the kitchen. The Frog's Instinct sensed something comin'!

Plus! A certain parcel had arrived just for Melly! (Yeah, it doubled as my booster seat for awhile up there...)

Oh I love being a frog. Today I turn ONE YEAR OLD! Remember the time I "celebrated" my "birthday"? (Okay, un-birthday.) Anyway Blogger deleted that post ): But you might remember the time I was allowed to get my webbed hands on the Big Lighter Contraption on Mimsy's birthday! Well that was just practice! Today's the real deal, my friends!

More clickaclickas tonight! First, Mel's gonna take me out for a birthday luncheroo.

Anyway, we're still in our PJs, Omi let us sleeeeep in!

WE HAD TWO PARCELS IN THE MAIL LAST NIGHT :D And a big blueberry cake! With macaroons, thank you Kimmy! AND HELIUM BALLOONS, MY FRIENDS, HELIUUUUM.

Anyyywayyy, just ta say, I love parcels!

And big thank you to Nig, Janine, and Doreen for the birthday wishes, three of you make me happy always! See you in school soonsoon!

One year old,
Ollie Kodok Frogobo

P.S. This frog is a teeeeensy bit saddened 'cos blogspot deleted some of his old posts D: Sympathy in the form of food is very much welcome!