Saturday, February 14, 2009

Everything's coming up roses! (and balloons)

This frog had a bad start to Valentine's. I mean, I tried to get a date, I really did! I was nice to everyone, but nobody seemed to catch my hint! Mel said yeah yeah I'll take you out but did she? DID SHE? No. That is what she did. She did nothing, she did.

So this is what I did.

I threw a tantrum, I did, and stayed in bed till she learnt her lesson to treat me good.

I stayed in bed and left her that letter. Yes, I did.

Stop taking photos! I ordered, but I am but a frog, and nobody pays me any attention.

BUT I MISJUDGED THESE HUMANS. I DID. And I was very sorry and quite embarrassed with myself, because they were being oh so kind to a frog on his first Valentine's day! I was pampered beyond words, because to start it all off, I was gently (yes, gently does it!) pried out of bed and carried to the kitchen where - to my utter surprise! - I was greeted by a whole lot of snackeroos! Even raisins! No sign of tim-tams, but that's okay.

This is me with just a teeny portion of my hoard!

Yesyesyes! Snackeroos to last a few weeks, at least! There were so many! But I got started on those first. And they even got me cake! Chocolate! Only I don't have photos, so I'll have to ask someone to upload those from the camera. Well, you can't blame me, it was chocolate! And after missing breakfast, I was quite famished. Aaaaaaand, they gave me a balloon! Rather, BALLOONS! In the shape of hearts! I was quite thrilled!

This was a great first Valentine's! I suppose sometimes it's best not to have a date, because everyone treats you nice when you throw a tantrum.

Very much loved

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