Friday, April 17, 2009

Boy, it's been a looong time, but

More importantly, I'm back! Your favourite green buddy, your dream frog! IT'S ME! KODOK!


This frog's got new clothes! Singlets! Mel surprised me! I love surprises! And I have made many new friends over the month, and I have been kept oh so very busy because I have many friends! I will continue acquiring Friends, so that I will always be busy because being busy is very fun indeed!

Of the many things we have been up to, we have lately procured a very old camera! It is older than me! And only three years younger than Mel. I suppose that makes it sort-of old. Not very. Just sort of. We got it pretty cheap, and it takes photos on film! And it is a big thrill to take the rolls to Gek Poh Shopping Centre to get them developed and printed!

Such has been our latest foray into photography.

Anyway! I have been up very very late because Mel has been doing up Big Al's paperwork, and organising things and putting them into big files, and it is quite a bit of work! So this frog decided he should stay up to keep Mel company because that would be the right thing to do. And that is what I did! Oh! She is a-calling now! I will scuttle on over!

Loving you and loving camera clickaclickas

Friday, April 3, 2009

A Flying Frog!

So you've seen flying foxes, but I give you a flying frog! Mel and me went places this holiday! We're happy happy! And we had a happy good time!