Sunday, August 16, 2009

Big Benjiboy's Birthday!

So Resident Gnome and everyone's favourite brother recently turned a grand twenty-two years old! Twenty-two years of living! That's like twenty-two times my age! (Psst, this frog's turning one in October, keep that thought!)

Anyway, we planned a wonderful surprise for him and on the eighth of August, we took him to watch Up! in 3D! I helped book the tickets myself! :) It's my third movie, after Ponyo on the Cliff and Watchmen! (Hey, Watchmen was M18, dudes!)

So that's me in the theatre with my 3D glasses on!

Anyway, to prepare me and big Benji for the show, Yolly and Big Al were ever so kind and got us a helium tank! So we'd get used to the helium balloons and everything. :) Big BJ and I had ever so much fun!

And later we released them all in our backyard. I like helium balloons, very much! But I did feel just a little bit sorry for them going far far away! They might miss us, after all.

We still have two silver star-shaped balloons strolling about home. Cos they can't quite fly much anymore, so they're sorta bobbing about like little pets!

Yolly gave me an assignment the other day, to hold up one of them! And I did! I held it up! She said she wanted the star to be held up all day, until they all returned from school and work and fun and their night out and everything. So I held it up with all my might! And I was ever so tired!

Mel told me I was being silly when she got home, though, she said Yolly was just pulling my green leg. But I did my assignment well! And I didn't remember anyone tugging on my legs. Hmm...

By the way, I just set a record score of 3.48 seconds (I think...) for typing A-Z on Facebook! That's with three fingers, guys! Three!

Kim's threatening me with her pink highlighter! Oh gosh.

Running off for a little nap now!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunday, Sunday...

Life is good, folks!

'dok :)