Friday, January 1, 2010

The Frog is back in town!

Hey ho, my friends, if you've been itching to ask me out or something, for some funtime, you'd best get your act together and do it soon, I am a very busy frog, after all.

We got back latelate on the plane last night, after a month in Oz, and I was so tired I just cuddled up in the hoodie and fell fast asleep amidst all the fuss and bother.

Big Al and Yolsome are ever so glad to have me back, I know it! Alfie even pretended to knock his celebratory bottle of beer over just now at supper, so I could have a sneaky sip! :)

My folks are Awesome (and that's a capital A for ya!)

So here's to 2010!

Satisfied (and a little tipsy wheeeee)

(I think just a sip does it for my kind of creature, since we're smaller than people-sized people and all.)

I know everyone loves catching a glimpse of my great green glory (wheee alliteration), so here's picture of me trying on a bib and being all cutesome (hey, everyone thought so, okay) at the 24-hour Fairprice in Jurong Point! (Oh Jurong Point, it's been way toooo long since I was last carried through your doors! How glorious it is, to be back!)