Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Speed! and Frog's Eye View III

Guess where! This frog hasn't been out roaming much, but Mel took me out this morning to get her passport done at the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority! I tried to take this photo of myself, and I knew that I would encounter Great Security, because it's a Protected Area, and I was speedy enough to get this blurry shot. The uniformed officer pointed at my photography device and said HEYHEY! DON'T TAKE PICTURES!

Anyway, I took a photo of the building from across the street!

You can make out the ICA initials riiiight there. Uhhuh!

And if you want to get your passport updated, or if you want to apply for one of those shiny new biometric passports, you should be heading your butt down to this MRT station:

I took a video of the clock in the MRT station, because it was beautiful when the minute hand crossed over to the next minute. I stared at it for a good three minutes! It clicks into place so nicely!

The video didn't capture so good, though, for I am but a frog, but I'll be watching clocks for a long time to come!

Aaaaand, this frog has seen some Sights recently.

Out the car window, when Big Al was giving Mel and me a ride out!

Gleefully yours

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