Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ha! Blogger you don't fool this frog!

I thought I would never post again cos Blogger's gone all wonky and fussy. I don't like you, Blogger. But I figured it out! And I figured out a way to post photos too, even though there is no "post a photo" button. Annnyyywayyyy, I didn't feel like getting up this morning because I was feeling fussy. Fussy. I like that word. Say it. Fussy. FUSSY. FUUUSSSSYYY. Anyway so I stayed in bed. Then Mel comes along and grabs me shouting KODOK! KODOK! So I thought okay, where's the fire! And I was about to grab Gino my little monkey friend to run out of the building but when we ran out, Yolly was holding up the most beautiful sweater I'd ever seen!

So here's the mandatory photo of me IN the sweater! :) I am ever so happy and contented! Contented. Someone told me it's only 'content', not 'contented'. Whatever, I'm content! I'm gleeeeful. :) Hoorah!