Monday, February 9, 2009

Edible things. Small.

Small edible things make this frog very happy!

Like so:

The above Edible Thing is called Hot-boy Ball Cake, or Want Want. It is Chinese, as you can see from the Mandarin characters (I think) on the packaging. They are small, much like raisins, only that raisins are shrivelled and unround. These are round. And they taste very good. I was an instant fan!

As we walked past the shelf with the little Ball Cakes on them, I waved at them and pinched Mel to stop and get them for me. They look like big, unshrivelled, white raisins! I said.

Oh alright, said Mel. She is wonderful.

I was happy and quiet the whole ride home from school because my grubby green fingers were way too busy pinching at the snackeroos to stop and fiddle with other things.

Happy and fed

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