Monday, March 9, 2009


We watched the ships that were docked in the port today, many people were scurrying around, loading stuff. It was perfect weather to be in the port! It had just rained so the smell of rain was still lingering, and the sun was up in the sky, but not too harsh. And actually any day is a Good Port Day, but still! It's my third time to the port with Mel and Big Al. You can see Big Al in the photo, if you look hard enough! Next to the ships, everyone looks tiny! If you look even harder, you can see many people lining the decks, under the lifeboats.

What a thrill! This morning, we went to the doctor's and the dentist, and at first I was afraid (I was petrified) but it was a beautiful clinic. They had big wooden doors and the most comfortable leather sofas. I set myself down very happily. You can never find a more beautiful clinic! I will take some clicka-clickas if I go there again!

Oh! It has been a long and good day, and all the excitement has made me hungryish, so this frog's off to get a snackeroo!



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