Saturday, January 10, 2009

A wonderful walk on a wonderful day

So I woke up pretty late today, because Mel was sleeping in too, and there was no reason not to have a lazy Saturday. We wanted to roam, but it was great weather to be a homebody.

I was snacking on grapes, which are what raisins come from. There was once a man who thought that raisins grew on trees. He was mistaken, and embarrassed of his mistake, so I hope that everybody will know that raisins do not grow on trees. Because they don't.

And so this is me, eating grapes.

Snackeroo! I've found a new friend in grapes. I rather like them.

Just as I was about to start being a lazy frog, I spied, with my little green eyes, this:


OFF I SCURRIED! To ask Yolly if we could go out for awhile, to see the man in the field with the tractor, and I said that it was a beautiful tractor and not to worry, we would be careful and that of course we will not return all muddy from the fields, and that we will definitely watch out for puddles and big holes in the earth because we might fall in those and how could anyone find us there?

It was all breezy. And life was wonderful and perfect (as always). Yolly said Put on your raincoats! and that is what I did. We both put on raincoats. These raincoats are from long ago too. I find them rather fine! It's been many years since anyone's worn them. The sleeves came a little short for Mel, and it was large for a frog my size, but I was to be carried. (Because I am but a frog, and walking at Mel-speed is not for me!)

And so we scampered off to the backyard and we were excited! And while waiting, I sat on this fire hydrant, which is a wonderful shade of red. And the earth was smelling very fresh. It was very nice, to sit there and wait.

Before I settled myself on the hydrant, I was perched rather uncomfortably on a tree! I will show you how!

Note how my little hands are working very hard to get my froggy ass to stay in a safe spot!

But I do think that it is a beautiful tree! There is another tree which I have taken quite a liking to, on the other end of the field. There are two fields. Mel pointed it out to me the other day. We saw it while waiting for the shuttle bus to the MRT.

And after we'd satisfied ourselves marveling at the tractor, we trekked off to the previously-unexplored places beyond our estate. It was quite quiet. (Quite and quiet are spelt very alike!) And along the way, these little green eyes of mine did more spying!

Look! A squished paper cup from that new restaurant. Ooooh that gave me the shivers! Reminds me of that game where the frog crosses the road and if you're not careful he gets squished by passing cars. Zoom zoom. Luckily, I was being carried. Anyway there weren't many sights to behold in the Estates Beyond. So we returned to the fields to watch the birds follow the tractor and the tractor in action.

And when we were satisfied, we went back home and along the way I was exhausted (even though I was being carried all the while), and I asked to be put down for awhile. On a bench. A nice dry bench, please and thank you. You must remember that it had rained before, and that most benches were not very dry. So Mel put me down on a bench. She had to. I was whining quite a bit at that point, and I wanted to have a rest. And that is what I did.

We continued the walk back home and I came across a very horrifying sight! Especially if you're just less than an inch away!

ANTS. LOTS OF THEM. And here, they look like they're parading on cheese, but no, it was a wall. A plain wall, that I'm sure is not tasty.

Then we returned home and we decided it was a great walk! And an evening surprise: Yolly and Al wanted to take us ALL out. For dinner! But I was to stay in the car, said Mel. Because they were going to a hawker centre. Hmpffffff. But they let me stretch my legs (and my hands, when I wanted things, and I wanted many things) at the supermarket.

I drew many compliments! And little girls were drawn to my beauty (again!). And I met a chocolate Santa.

And on the way home, Mimi grabbed me and fiddled with my arms. Hey, do you realise this is the first time I'm holding him? she said. I'm irresistible, I know!

Utterly irresistible

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