Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Shock and horror!

This was a terrifying day. I thought I'd got off to a grand start, with breakfast and all, and my raisins and tim-tams.

All was well... or so I thought.

I watched as Yolly crafted a mean message to Mel.

How's the going... Mr Frogobo a.k.a. Kodok is throwing tantrums. Complains of being too stuffed up in windbreaker. Too hot. Needs a swim badly. Shall put him in the washing machine.

Now if I had myself a handphone, I'd have a good mind to put an end to that nonsense! What lies. Complaining of being stuffed up, indeed! I say! Luckily, she was soon distracted and I was saved from The Machine.

But the accusations didn't end there! Around mid-evening, I was rudely awakened from my happy slumber by a certain fat gentleman, or should I say, pudgy little rude boy. He threw me onto his hard teak desk, and as I was rubbing my rump, he switched on the brightest light ever. Trust me, I never thought the little flahes of light would stop! What they tell you about "seeing stars", it's all true. Those Tom & Jerry cartoons where the birdies circle their heads whenever they're out cold? All true. This frog's been there and back.

Mystery Pudge announced "AN INTERROGATION!" and upon seeing me cower at the bright lights, "AH-HAH, HE MUST BE GUILTY." Of what, I had no idea! But I caught up later with the gossip. He'd misplaced a panda-teddy-bear. I suppose he thought he'd get away with negligence by putting the blame on someone else. Hmpfffht. Well his blamin' days are ovah!

I've the right mind to go clobber him. And that is what I'll do.

Your Friendly Frog,

(That's me there - a proud survivor! This was a dangerous day to be a frog.)

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