Monday, January 5, 2009

Home Alone

Mel went off to school and because it was going to involve physical exertion, I wisely decided it was best to stay home.

I still woke up real early, though, because Yolly said breakfast was ready. So zoom went Mel and I into the kitchen. The early frog gets the good bits, and I got my fill!

So now I'm all home and alone, well except for Yolly and Ben and they're paying me no heed, but they're okay.

I'm wearing my favourite windbreaker, the one that makes me look sharp, just to let you know!

I think I'll go grab a snackeroo, all snug in my windbreaker and in the couch. I guess that is what I'll do!

Well raisins and tim-tams, here I come! Snackeroo!

And that is what I did.

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