Monday, January 12, 2009

Nothing of the sort!

Dear General Public,

Please do not be alarmed!

Oh no no no! This recent comment on my post Edible stuff worried me so! So I did a little research of my own!

exhibitionism |ˌeksəˈbi sh əˌnizəm| noun extravagant behavior that is intended to attract attention to oneself.
Psychiatry a mental condition characterized by the compulsion to display one's genitals in public.

Oh roving eyes have found me! C'mon dude, you make me sound like an exhibitionist. So I am Kodok and I am here today to assure you that I am NOTHING OF THE SORT!

I realise that my last post Supermarket! has images of a nude me splashed all over the internet! You must be thinking, What a scandal! What shame! No, everybody! Stop! Umm... hold your horses!

I am but a frog! And I did what I did.

Doesn't that humiliate you... is being in the buff your nature? An answer to your question, Nicholas:-
There is no shame in my greenness.


P.S. You might like to note that my nudity was not without reason. I was having myself weighed, and while I was initially sporting my favourite windbreaker (that makes me look sharp!), I had to strip to my green skin for an accurate reading! Also, there is an unspoken rule that while stuffed into an empty transparent plastic bag, one should ideally be stark naked and make no attempt to cover oneself. This frog was just doing as he rightly should!

P.P.S. Thank you Nicholas, I am greatly encouraged by your fervent support of my activities! Write me a letter sometime!

1 comment:

  1. Why research on exhibitionism when no part of Nicholas' comment mentioned anything about it? Unless of course, you Kodok, know that you are guilty of it...and that you are trying to cover up.

    Heck, what with the fake enthusiasm at the end of your post Kodok. No one treats a question on one's morals as "encouragement". It is an obvious show of guilt.

    You Kodok, are more transparent that you think.

    The Anti-Frog