Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I had a great time out today! We roamed! This time, we roamed Far Far Away! We even went to a pub! Oh! Everything was so exciting! We started off the day trying to locate Millenia Walk and in the process encountered the Fountain of Wealth! So we explored its depths! (And got lucky, woohoo!) And when we located Millenia Walk, we explored many shops, but mainly the diecast toyshop where they sold models of cars and bikes (motorbikes, yesyesyes!) and planes and miniature helmets. We were waiting for Candy Empire to throw open its sweet gates. And we were very early. Roaming started at 8.30am for us! Mel was very thrilled by the Harley-Davidson bikes and emblems and all.

I also met ... this popular dude.

Yo 'Bama! Yes, very popular indeed!

And along the way, I had some neat photographs taken of my beautiful self!

Because everybody knows I am beautiful, and beautiful feels so good!

Your beautiful frog

A little lesson in the Malay language: Today a Malay couple on the train were praising my beauty, but they called me katak, which is a more accurate translation of "frog". Kodok is more towards a "toad"-ish nature. But I am Kodok, and that is my name. I am frog, hear me ... roar?

About names, today in Chinatown, we spotted a sign that said in Mandarin "Open not your mouth (i.e. Say not a word!), and your surname will be guessed", presumably by the dubious looking man behind the makeshift table. Hmm. I was greatly tempted to ask him to guess mine. Frogobo. Let's see him handle that! Mel wanted to ask him, silently. But we were walking on...

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