Friday, January 9, 2009

This is what I did last night

I got ready for bed last night in my new nightie. Which is actually old because someone wore it before me, many years ago.

I didn't go with Mel to school today, she said there was to be a debate, and I am not keen on sitting in on verbal warfare. I think debates are silly, especially if you're just doing it for school and arguing won't change anything. It doesn't really matter anyway, because they're going to debate on something they aren't really bothered about anyway.

So after I watched Mel leave without me, I went back to nap on the sofa. That is what I did! Yolly said I was a lazy frog and that I should spend my time doing something else. Like swimming. I know what she means. She means taking a "bath" with a potentially fatal end. And I am no frog to fall for such trickery! :) But I know she would never do that. I am her favourite frog.


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