Thursday, January 8, 2009

Say my name!

Fans, Froglings, Friendies,

The recent address on the Anti-Frog blog is one we hold in contempt, but while we find amusement in their childish foolishness, let us rejoice in this rare moment of wisdom. The above paragraphs, excerpts from the address, hail Mel as a "power(ful)" entity "not (to) be taken lightly". And they mention my name! Oh I love dah intarweb.

All my friends on Facebook know I'm a good frog. All 9 of them! That is many friends for a frog, just starting out on the internet. They know I really am a good frog.

Actually all this fuss over me is really very flattering. I am but a frog!

Your little green frog

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