Sunday, January 18, 2009

Birthdays and a grown-up frog

Imma big boy now, Yolly said so. So she let me try out the nutty cool fire gun. The big lighter contraption. I like Yolly, she trusts me with dangerous things!

But Mimi, who is the birthday girl today, Mimi said we've got to hide all the lighters now, and all the candles and matches. He's a dangerous frog, she said. So now I'm a fire hazard.

On my make believe "First Birthday Party" some time back, Mimi sang the birthday song for me as she lit the (pink) candles on my (chocolate) cake, and she sang Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, It's the last one for froggy... And she held the lighter to my green head. And for awhile I was afraid and I was wondering if that was what birthdays were about. Like some kind of ritualistic initiation! But Mimi stopped and laughed nuttily. Phew.

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