Sunday, November 1, 2009

"What an Amazing Frog!"

I've read a storybook where the Big Sis tells the Lil' Sis, "Now you'll be forever special, because you've been waved at by a King!"

This frog is glad to announce, my green and grubby friends, that I'm forever special now, because I've been looked at by a wonderful man who's scared the pants off Many People (and how many of you can really claim to have achieved so much in Life!).

Neil Gaiman laid eyes on my Great Green Beauty TWICE in the span of two days. So anyway, I gave him Wilma, my favourite little ducky friend, today.

She ain't food, but she sure is good!

I'm sure she'll be happy with him, we've read so many of his short stories before bedtime.

(Neil (extreme left), Wilma (little yellow duck), ME GLORIOUS ME, and Mel)

Wilma was thrilled, but a little afraid. Last minute nerves struck when we were nearing Neil Gaiman. I told her that he couldn't possibly be as frightening a man as she thought he was! He is a Dad, after all.

"A DAD WHO LET HIS GIRLFRIEND SELL HIS DAUGHTER FOR GOATS," Wilma squeaked. Yes, she is a Squeaky Duck.

Of course, she didn't grumble much, and was quite happy to see him up close. I nudged her across the table.

We took one last picture together, me and Wilma, and she'll probably be given another name, maybe a cooler one. But anyway, this be Wilma, who's gonna be on her way to Where-ever in a matter of hours!

(Me and Wilma)

We got Fragile Things signed! It's me and Mel's favourite, because Tori Amos made an album titled Strange Little Girls, and the text Neil wrote to accompany it is included in Fragile Things. And we love Tori Amos. And we love Neil.

Understandably, I am a Very Happy Frog, and I will not be washing this jumper anytime soon!

:) :) :) Smilingly,

P.S. By the way, Mr Gaiman called me an Amazing Frog, and I'm jolly happy with that!

This frog met Neil Gaiman at the Singapore Writers' Festival, 1 November 2009. There was a painfully long queue for book signings, and painfully hot weather, but I was brave!

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