Tuesday, October 6, 2009


This frog is glad to report! That after flight delays, Mel and me are Finally Grounded! ;)

Of course, not 'grounded' in the "YOU'RE GROUNDED YOUNG FROG!" sense of the word... we mean, we've got our feet on solid ground!

Aaaaand... the mandatory before-we-left photo!

In the afternoon, we lugged our luggage (haha lugged luggage) to school just to pick up some stuff! It was funny - whoever sees a luggage being lugged around school!! I was stuck in the trunk though... And I tried my best not to kick up a fuss, but I got ever so hungry roundabout 6pm... So Mel let me out! We had something to munch before leaving!

Yesyesyes, this frog's going places, my friends!

Love from a New Land,
Ollie Kodok Frogobo

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