Monday, June 1, 2009

I'm just a BABY... not.

Dudes I'm a-typin' again! You should hear this laptop roar, it would scare the livin daylights outta ya. It goes like this: rrrrrrrrrrrrwaaaahhhrrrrrrrrr! And my little (green?) heart beats with the fright of a thousand frightened bunnies confronted with a dinosaur. Is it gonna explode pow-wowza? I always think, but so far, it has not, thank goodygoodness.

Anyway! Gino and I have been up to goodstuff...

My little furry friend and me!

Mel took us out the other night, to the mall, with Gramma and Grandpa and Uncle Riz too! And it was cold, so I squirmed, and I was getting just a little sleepy but I didn't want to show it. But when I reached up to rub my great green eye...

Annoying Girl: EEEEEK! Darl-eeeng! So scaryyy. *points at innocent and beautiful green me*
Annoying Boy: Haiyah, don't be stupid lah, it's just a BABY.

Really, now, people, you guys are stoopid! HAHAHAHA.

A big green & beautiful FROG (and prouda it!)
'Dok :)

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