Thursday, January 8, 2009

A schooling frog!

Yesterday Mel took me to school! It was the first lecture day of the term! I remember being at the first lecture day last term! What a thrill, right? The last time I went to a lecture, I was NEKKID!!!! WOOHOO! No clothes! Lectures aren't really my idea of fun, but we entertained ourselves. I met Nat, who is very encouraging of my expressing myself through a blog. He understands me! When I get my handphone with a plan that lets me have unlimited SMS-es, I will SMS him to say hello. Bryan, on the other hand, is a meanie. He says I can't talk, and he says I have to stay in Mel's backpack. Luckily Mel doesn't pay him any attention. Today I overheard him say One day you will wake up to find Kodok lying flat out on your bed with all the beans spilling out. Still smiling. Meano. Everyone else was fawning over me, though, which makes me very proud of my attractiveness.

Today I went to school again. And we saw that big bald man with black glasses. He gave them back some stuff which looked important. They all passed so that is good. I think many people wear black glasses. I wonder why.


Well well well says Mel. Those are her glasses.

How do I look?



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