Saturday, January 31, 2009

Frog's Eye View I : Brainless Photography

Frogs are pretty amazing creatures! We have good eyesight, all the better to capture food. We need our good eyesight! All the better to avoid enemies! Our eyes bulge out, so we can see in almost all directions. Now that's something you can't do!

Also, all of you had best stop fingering my eyes! I'll tell you good and clear - frogs can close their eyes by pulling the eyeballs deeper into their sockets. This action closes the upper and lower eyelids. So far, I have much yet to see! So don't you guys expect me to so much as blink when I'm out and roaming!

frog's-eye view

a general view from frog height : we had a frog's-eye view from the window.
• a general view as if from the visual position of a frog (when carried, standing, seated, leaping, mid-leap, etc. - height varies accordingly) : the illustration gives a frog's-eye view of the scenery.
• a broad or general consideration (of something) from the perspective of an Educated Frog : the frog's-eye view of the financial situation is as follows.

This morning I was with Mel on the MRT when I decided that I see lots of things and it's a shame to let them slip past my green eyes without being shared with my friends and the world. So I have decided to start of a series that I will call The Frog's Eye Views. Yes, that is what I did.

My frog's eye view while I was perched on the window ledge, like so:

A pity that I was out the whole day meeting new people without my camera! I met a pair from where the Dead Sea lies, which would be the Isreal-Jordan border. And quite a few Chinese people at Yue Nan Emporium. (I fear I might have got that name wrong, for I am but a frog!)

Anyway, I was thinking of making my entire series a series of black-and-white photography, but that might be too challenging for a frog like me, and I didn't want to give the wrong impression that frogs only see in black and white! We don't! We see lots of vivid colours! (Yeah, our Beautiful Bulging Beady-Bright Eyes Bulge for a reason!)

I don't put any thought into any of the photos I intend to take for this series. I am no Magnum photographer! Remember, I am but a frog!

Only a frog, but a frog who does Good

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