Saturday, January 17, 2009

Frogging Chinatown

Remember when Mel and I went roaming?

This little froggy went to Chinatown.

This frog working the streets! Many people looked my way in appreciation of my beauty... as usual! Like some lady once said to me, Frogs are lucky! Especially to the Chinese! And in Chinatown, there are many Chinese.

Magic! said the man. Magic ice cream! Colourful!

Not so magic
, I thought. Like popsicles, I observed. From the flavoured drinks! Oh that took away the magic!

There were newspaper clippings about the man and his magic, I couldn't really read them because they were in Mandarin, and Mel did not fancy standing right smack in the middle of the streets staring at that newspaper clipping in the hopes of deciphering the ancient language!

It would be nice to believe in magic.

How nice to be magic!

That is a lucky man!

Wasn't Chinese New Year about watching your words, pretending to live like a king, and seeing everything as an auspicious symbol? (Don't you mention bad bad things! Put down those scissors! DON'T TOUCH THAT BROOM. AND DON'T WASH YOUR HAIR.)

My question was: WHAT'S WITH THE SKULLS, GUYS! For young punks! Said the man at the stall. He was referring to the New Generation, i.e. us... Not this frog! I said.

Then this little froggy went whee whee whee, all the way hoooome! (And then proceeded to settle his little green ass on Mystery Pudge's table.)

Note nice red balloon! It's Mimi's, because her 16th birthday is coming up! I think I like birthdays! And this will be my first Sweet Sixteenth birthday party! I wonder what it would be like!

Your favourite green frog is loving you too

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