Thursday, July 30, 2009


Good morning, sunshine! Wowza, talk about making a frog's day, man! I FINALLY get to post something nice and proper, cos the ole Blogger's back to normal! Dudes, it's been SO LONG since I last saw the proper "new post" layout, this frog almost forgot what it feels like to have the proper panels and whatnot!

Check this out! Before:
Had a REALLY hard time figuring out how to post with this layout!

Now:Woohoo, back to normalcy, baby! This really made my day!

Speaking of DAYS, that doggone Chloe really has to suss out the appropriate time to wake us up to take her out for her walks. She jumped up yelping and barking this morning at like... 5AM!? And I rubbed my big green eyes and shook my great green head and I said now wait one doggone minute, dog. Isn't it wayyy to early to be up? Or to be shouting for attention?! GET A GRIP, GIRL.

So anyway, Mimi woke up and I pretended to be asleep again but she didn't fall for it and he made both me and Mel get up and accompany them on an EARLY MORNING WALK.

Come on, dog. You gotta learn! It's been what, 9 years of your existence on our great earth!

Okay, you don't do this everyday, I'll give you that.

Props to you sista! I'd bonk you on your head if I weren't so happy that Blogger's being ever so cooperative!

I almost can't bear to end this entry, I'd go rambling on if my insides weren't rumbling! I smell brekkie, Yolly!

Bring it on!
'Dok :D

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