Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Oh gosh dudes, there's this hugeass problem with Blogger, and I'm typing this post from a very small box! Oh, I would show you a screenshot of this miserable setting but I CAN'T FIND THE ATTACH-A-PHOTO BUTTON EITHER. *grumblemumble* this is annoying. For weeks I haven't updated this blog because I couldn't find the box to type in! Today, a little stroke of genius and I found it! But I can't type an entry in here, oh no no no. It's far too annoying. My protruding eyes! Gah, this is too much for them to take! My eyes that "migrate rostrally and dorsally, allowing for binocular vision" (Wikipedia, this frog loves you). My eyes that have allowed me to see so many sights in my last... uh 9 months of living! Oh golly.

Whatever. I wanted to say how much I adore peanut butter sawiches, especially when they're all to myself! But recently, I discovered NUTELLA. Oh the wonders of nutella. I think it just might beat timtams. So from now on, this frog doesn't love "raisins and timtams" no more, I love "raisins and nutella"! Nut-ella... Oh, I love it so.

Anyway, Did You Know! That Frog Eyes is an indie rock band from Canada? Wikipedia says that the quartet is "known for their rigid, formulaic dance numbers expressing their love of ice cream, which pit (the vocalist's) melodic falsetto whoops against an avalanche of guitar, keyboards, piano, and drums". I love them already. Milo Ice Cream, anyone?

Till Blogger re-gains its user-friendliness
Kodok your favourite green pal :D

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