Thursday, January 8, 2009


Me and Mel went out today because there wasn't anything to do. I didn't get to see much of the school today because I was confined to The Backpack. Oh well, I am but a frog.

So Me and Mel went to Bugis today to do what Mel calls Roaming. We went to many places. We even went to Sim Lim the place with all the electronic things. I saw a huge jade carving, I would have liked a photograph. Like when you visit the museum, and you see things and you want photographs.

And we went to the big Art Friend and look what Mel got! The big A3-sized cutting board she's been wanting. It's big! I can sit on it! I will show you!

There! I have shown you! And that's not all of it you're seeing. But I suppose you know how big A3 is. We wanted an A2 cutting board, because it was the biggest. But Mel said Be sensible, Kodok! Actually we did want it, but we were also getting a new can of spraypaint, so we thought we'd settle for this size. It's big enough! We picked a yellow-orange shade of paint. I think Mel's got an idea. Why else would she pick yellow! I'm her frog! I know!

There were old Chinese ladies by the streets with signs that said "Change your name, and you have to change your surname" or something like that in Mandarin. We don't know if we misinterpreted. Maybe people change their names for luck. Anyway speaking of names, I think I would never change mine. Ollie Kodok Frogobo. It is a very pleasant name. A very sensible one, also. And I think it suits me fine.

Your happy frog

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