Sunday, January 25, 2009


Mel's been hogging the computer, and all the times she's not using it, someone else bigger than me will come by and knock me off my green ass so I completely lose my position of power. The internet is power. Aaaaanyway, here I am! Cue confetti and streamers, everybody! The frog is in the house!

I may not have been making my web presence felt much, but that doesn't mean I haven't been up to stuff!

I'm tellin' ya!
This frog has been going places!

Yes, many places! Lookie here - there's the Mystery Pudge and me! (All right, all right, he's Nick, but doesn't Mystery Pudge sound muuuuuch cooler?)

I tell you, the view from that high-up deck was swelllll. Terrific, that was our little family getaway on Mimi's birthday, which was last Sunday. I can still feel the sun on my (non-slimy) green skin.

It was a wonderful celebration, which is why I'm still not done raving over it. I'm telling you, my post about being allowed the lighter was just the start of the celebrations!

Aaaaand we took a cable carrr.

and we sang Mimi a song! I conducted, because I don't sing. I'm shy that way.

To end off the night, I'm tellin' ya, it's good to bunk in with Big Al, because he cooks good food and when he's not cooking good food, he goes scouting for good food! And I love food!

We tried a Chinese dish called Yee Sheng! Which is actually a salad. Funny thing was, we got said Chinese dish from a Japanese restaurant! Hello Singapore!

You've got to say auspicious Mandarin phrases as you put all the ingredients in. Like 年年有鱼 Nian nian yo yu, which would mean Year Year Have Fish, which means food all year round, and who's to say no to that! There are other phrases, but I can't quite recall.

It's pretty good, I quite liked it! There even is fish in! FISH! Salmon. A pretty pink also!

Hey Mimi, here's a big thank you from your most favourite frog in the Whole Wide World! THANK YOU FOR THE BIRTHDAY!

I'm looking forward to more birthdays!

Bring 'em on, fellas!
Me and you, Mimi!

You know, when Mimi's not being all studious, she's actually makes quite the conversation!

Love to you, Mimi!

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